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Selected plays by Hélène Cixous


Edited by Eric Prenowitz

Cixous' work as a playwright - working mainly with Theatre du Soleil and their director Ariane Mnouchkine - establishes her as a participant in some of the most adventurous European theatre making of the last 40 years.

This collection brings together for the first time, four translations into English of Helene Cixous' plays. It is a unique and extraordinary resource for scholars, students and theatre-makers.

The collection includes:

The Perjured City, translated by Bernadette Fort
Black Sail, White Sail, translated by Donald Watson
Portrait of Dora, translated by Ann Liddle
Drums on the Dam, translated by Judith G. Miller and Brian J. Mallet

This exciting new anthology will disseminate her work to a wide and receptive English-speaking audience.

ISBN : 978-0-415-23668-3 | 25 € © Routledge