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Editorial, 9 January 2018



We’ve been announcing it for some time already…and here it is! As you can see, our internet site has been remodelled and it’s with this new version that we enter the New Year of 2018. We will let you explore it… and for those whom it inspires, we’ll meet you at our arbre à palabres, still here and open for receiving your thoughts.



At our theatre
Recently returned from New York, where we performed twelve times at the Park Avenue Armory, we are currently preparing for our return season, from February 24, and we anticipate your presence for the final series of performances in Paris of our A Room in India.
As for the rest of the year’s programme, which begins with Bernard Sobel, for the third consecutive year at the Cartoucherie, we will also leave you explore it through its new rubric.

In Pondicherry
Ariane and a dozen of actors from the troupe are currently in Pondicherry, India, where, nearly two years after its first class, our École Nomade returns to give a workshop that will unite around 100 participants from all over India and beyond. From here, you can now follow the episodes of our travelling school…

See you soon,

Le Théâtre du Soleil

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